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Submitted on
January 8, 2009
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126 KB


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Camera Data

Canon EOS 450D
Shutter Speed
1/332 second
Focal Length
200 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 8, 2009, 3:41:22 PM
If today was your last day by azrael-x64 If today was your last day by azrael-x64

if you don't know the song here it is [link]

Model: Cristina
Photog: me


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Copyright © Andrei Ivan. All rights reserved.
Do not use without my written permission. (Ask first)
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azrael-x64 Jul 21, 2009  Professional Photographer
thanks :ahoy:
Very nice.. what lens are you using?
azrael-x64 Jun 8, 2009  Professional Photographer
Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 USM L

it's sharp, contrasty, with good saturation, fast and precise AF, moderately good depth of field capabilities (see the more expensive f/2.8 version or much faster primes) and looks very professional (great for impressing clients; especially as a young photographer such as myself), oh and... very important it's a telephoto zoom :). And I think it's the cheapest L Canon makes :lol:.
The AF is so good that I only have 2 out of focus photos that I don't think were my fault (meaning they were shot at high shutter speed) on a 450D body, on a 20D body as of now I don't have any oof that weren't my fault.

I'd recomend using it on a body with very good high iso capabilities though (400-800-1600) because if you want to use it for portraiture (what I'm using it for) you'll encounter lots of locations without too much light and you need fast shutter speed to keep the photo sharp (get the IS version if you can, you get IS, weather sealing that completely seals with a filter and it's the sharpest zoom ever made by Canon).
On my 450D the high iso destroys image quality on this lens at iso 800 and iso 1600, it's really a pitty, because on iso 100-200-400 everything looks fuckin awesome. On 20D it's a different story, even at 1600, if processed carefully it still looks awesome.

Anyway, this was intended as a quick reply but I got carried away :) though I think you'll appreciate the review. :ahoy:
hehehe thanks.. I just got the 2.8 version while in NY, haven't really had a chance to put it through the paces yet.
(is yours heavier thank all get out too?)
azrael-x64 Jun 8, 2009  Professional Photographer
I don't understand the last line.

the f/2.8 version is twice as heave as the f/4, I actually consider that a feature compared to the f/2.8 :) you got a pay a big price for the 2.8, both in cash and in weight, but it has superb image quality and more flexibility than my f/4 ;)
thank = than :) but yeah you got it..
azrael-x64 Jun 8, 2009  Professional Photographer
merge uns!
Am o intrebare... zici ca ai 200 L? focalizeaza repede si precis
? adik in asa conditii nu tindea sa ia in focus masa de fulgi care cadeau?
azrael-x64 May 1, 2009  Professional Photographer
focaliza ceva mai greut, dar tot mergea :)
e Canon 70-200 f/4 L USM si e foarte tare, sharp, culori misto, daca aveam bani sa-l iau cu IS era za ultimate shit la pret/performanta
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